PCC Scholarships



AAUW strives to encourage women who wish to improve their lives through higher education.

American Association of University Women (AAUW) is a national organization which for more than 130 years has worked to improve the lives of women and their families. The Green Valley Branch has been in existence for over 45 years.  Since 2016 it has joined with LUNA as a host of LUNAFEST, a traveling film festival that champions and supports women.  LUNAFEST is an event that is held in the spring.  It is open to the public and has become so popular that it regularly sells out.   The recipients are full or part-time students at Pima Community College.

2023 Scholarship Awards
Pima Community College

Cedria Gorman
Cedria is working toward her Certificate in Accounting-Bookkeeping at Pima. Her next goal is become an accountant and have a career in finance. She has worked in the State of Arizona Department of Economic Security.


Bepholine (Bethany) Howe
Bethany is first generation student working toward her goal of becoming a Registered Nurse at PCC. At Pima she joined the TREO SSS (Student Support System) STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) program where she has been able to explore, with others, college and career opportunities. Bethany is a second-year recipient of an AAUW GV scholarship.


Rachel Luke
Rachel is enrolled in the nursing program at Pima Community College (PCC). Her goal is to become a neonatal intensive care (NICU) nurse. In addition, she is interested in working with babies with infectious diseases. Her inspiration comes from her experience working for the Pima County Health department. Rachel is  a second-year recipient of an AAUW GV scholarship.


Mayra Munguia
Mayra’s program of study is working to receive an Associate of Arts in Digital Film Arts and Animation degree with a concentration in Digital and Film Arts. She plans to continue her education in a university to pursue a BA degree in this field or Television/Media Arts.



Chelsea Benirha Pandi-Ngouari
Chelsea is planning to work on an art degree with a interest in fashion design this fall semester at PCC after she finishes her ESL classes. As a native of Congo (Africa), she is influenced by her African heritage, which will influence her fashion designs.


Flor Melisa Ruelas
Flor is currently in Health Sciences at Pima and is working toward her goal of receiving her Medical Assistant certificate. She also hopes to become a nurse in the future. She has participated in a non-profit organization, which helps families with family members with disabilities.





2022 Scholarship Awards

Jennifer Alexis:  Jennifer’s program of study is Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood.
Suzanne Dwaik:  Suazanne is enrolled in the Cybersecurity program at Pima Community College.  Her goal is to earn a degree in computer science.
Maria Gutierrez:  Maria is enrolled in the Nursing program at Pima Community College.
Bepholine Howe:  Bepholine is enrolled in the Nursing program at Pima Community College. Her goal is to become a registered nurse
Mercedes Jones:  Mecedes is enrolled in the Cybersecurity program at Pima Community College.
Rachel Louellen Luke:  Rachel is enrolled in the Nursing program at Pima Community College.

2021 Scholarship Awards

Samantha Barrera  has chosen a major in Forensic Psychology with the goal of pursuing a career in criminal law.        

Blair Gomez is also a nursing student.  She “personally understands the struggle of a single mother seeking to make a better life.”   Ashley Keller

Ashley Keller is a nursing student.  She spent thirteen years in humanitarian aid in Zambia, Africa.           

Harley Plasencio was also a recipient last year.  She is a first generation college student who is enrolled full-time in the nursing program.

Keli Smith is seeking an Associate of Science with a major in science.  She is an artist who became inspired on a trip to Cambodia.