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December Program

Artificial Intelligence

Presented by

Fred D’Angelo, Adjunct Professor, College of Applied Science & Technology, U of A

Tuesday, December 19, 9:00 a.m. (social) and 9:30 (program)
Desert Hills Recreation Center, 2980 Camino del Sol

The speaker at the December general meeting will be Fred D’Angelo, adjunct professor in the College of Applied Science and Technology at the University of Arizona. Fred teaches Artificial Intelligence and will discuss the pros and cons of what he and other faculty members are experiencing.


Quilts for Sale:  Fundraiser

Last spring, we were given quilts owned, and some made, by former member Sonya Larson Collins, who had died a few months earlier. They were to be sold as a fundraiser. The quilts are all beautifully done, many of them are hand appliqued, and most of them have a hanging sleeve on the back as they are meant as wall hangings.

Although we are going to sell them at the La Posada Monday Market in December, members will have the opportunity to purchase them at the November 21 general meeting where the quilts will be on display. Whatever doesn’t sell at the meeting will go to the market.

Left to Right:
Tulips, pieced by Sonya Larsen 1993.  Hanging sleeve, 44 X 38 –  $75
Abstract Flowers, Sonya Larsen, 1999.  The border is hand quilted.  Has a hanging sleeve, 27.5 X 29 – $50
Red Poppies.  Appliqued by Sonya Larsen 2012, has hanging sleeve – $50

Left to Right:
Hand Appliqued Orgami, 2008.  Has hanging sleeve, 34 X 22 ½ – $75
Floral Fantasy, Designed, appliqued, embroidered, and stuffed by Sonya Larsen 1994-2005–
        hand quilted,  56 X 42 – $80
Mini Baltimore Album.  Hand appliqued by Sonya Larsen 1997.  Machine quilted – $75

Left to Right:
Hearts.  Pieced by Sonya Larsen 1992, machine quilted. Hanging sleeve, 56 X 42 – $50
Queen size Floral Bed Quilt.  Hand appliqued, machine quilted – $125.00
Pineapple and Breadfruit.  Sonya bought this quilt in Lahaina, Maui, which is the area
that recently burned.  Hand quilted, 23 X 24 – $75.





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